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    Add Claim From Queue ACL to Process

    Stuart Mail Level 1

      I'm trying to enable an Manager in a process to Re-Claim a Task form the Recipients Queue.

      Scenario - Manager sends request for information to User B but then finds out User B is off sick for a month so want's to Claim the task back so he can send it to someone else.

      I can set this to a Static Manager by setting the Manager in the Task ACLs tab of the Assign Task object for the User to allow the Manager to 'Claim' tasks from his queue.

      That works fine but I need to create this facility dynamically within the workflow as the Manager will be different for every User.

      I think the "addClaimACLForSharedQueues" workflow object should allow me to do this dynamically within the workflow - is this correct ?

      If so how do I determine the 'QueueID' for the User's queue to set this in the addClaimACLForSharedQueues Queue ID Input ?

      I'm assuming that the 'Task ID' can be derived form the XPath '/process_data/@id' and that the 'Assigned User ID' is simply the User Login ID of the Manager ?

      Any help welcome - Thanks - Stuart