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    How to add scrollbars to text?

      Hi all,

      How are scrollbars added to a text control? I have searched the Developer's Guide, these forums, the Cookbook, and Google and cannot find a solution.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks all!
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          ozDiGennaro Level 1
          The way to control scrolling is by using attributes like:
          horizontalScrollPolicy="off" verticalScrollPolicy="off"
          for the a TextArea component.

          From Flex Help (from within Flex Builder - albeit a bit tricky to find!):

          "The Text control displays multiline, noneditable text. Use the Label control if you need only a single line of text.
          The Text control does not support scroll bars. If you need scrolling, you should use a non-editable TextArea control."

          "The TextArea control is a multiline text field with a border and optional scroll bars."