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    Object not re-intialized

      I have a user defined component , the input for the service is the list of user defined components.

      I have a temporary variable in the process to which iam assigning the objects from the list.
      Here is the xpath which iam using
      Location: Expression:
      /process_data/pdfDataDocument/object /process_data/listofInputPdfData [number(/process_data/@counter )]
      when i loop through and assign the next object from the list it is somehow sticking on to the old object.
      For ex: when counter is 1 the first object from the list gets assigned to temporary object ( in this case pdfDataDocument), but when the counter is incremented the pdfDataDocument is not populated with the second object from the list.

      But when i put the logger i see that the counter is being incremented.

      Can somebody help me on this?