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      Happy New Year to All!
      I have a long proceess with one form which passes through a number of stations. My goal is to let each user to search the most updated form or at least to see where is it located.
      As I understand the Themplate Search tool gives me the possibility to search only in my tasks.
      Any ideas how can I search the most updated form ??
      Thanks in Advance,
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          I do not quite understand your question, can you please elaborate a liitle bit
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            Thank you for reply.
            As I said i have for example 4 stations in my process.
            After filling the relevant part of the form in the first station it is sent to the second. Second station also fills the relevant part and sends it to the third...
            Now the first station wants to know what is the status of the process and in which station is the form located (and if it is possible also to view the form which was updated by the second station). How can I do it?

            Thanks a lot!
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              this is a simple process

              User A - > User B

              Administrator starts a process from workspace. User A gets a task .
              Administrator is able to see that the process which was started by him is currently assigned to User A(Task Id 100)
              But Administrator is not able to view the form associated with Task ID 100, since administrator is not the owner of the task

              User A logs in to workspace and completes the task(100). A task is created for User B(200)
              User A can do the tracking for the process and he can see that the process is now sitting in user B queue. Again User A cannot see the form associated with the task 200
              since User A is not the owner of the task
              Hope this answers your questions
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                but in your example can the administrator see that the process is now sitting in user B queue?
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                  No. User B can share his queue with user Administrator to give him access the his queue though.Administrator can also make the request to user B to have access to his queue. Ultimately, it's always User B that decides whoever has access to his queue.