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    JDBC with MSSQL 2005 -- problem connecting

      Hi, I have setup JDBC and I am able to connect to a MySQL database just fine. But I can't connect to MSSQL SQLExpress 2005.

      I got the sqljdbc.jar file placed it under the LiveCycle8\jboss\server\all\lib folder and setup the Datasource file as:

          MSSQLDS    jdbc:sqlserver://LIVECYCLE\SQLEXPRESS:1433;databaseName=MyDBName
               MS SQLSERVER2005


      Then I modified the login-config.xml and added the application-policy as:



      Then in LC connection, setup the string to java:/MSSQLDS

      When running the test query b I get NO Response At All.  And I mean, even if I intentionally change the datasource file to hold incorrect information, I'll get no response. However, I can connect to MySQL without any problems.
      b Any ideas?

      Thanks for any help!