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    Email Endpoint - Output parameters


      I've a problem with the configuration of the outputs parameters of my email endpoint.

      To begin, here's a short description of what I'm trying to do:

      1. A user send an email (without attachment) with an order number in the subject to the system.

      2. The system generates a PDF based on the order number sent by the user.

      3. The system send a response email with the generated PDF in the attachments.

      Everything is working very well for the points 1 and 2, my PDF is generated, I've used the variable logger to check those points.

      Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the email endpoint wait for a response at the end of the process and send the result to the user.

      I've created a Document variable with the OUT option checked. My generated PDF is loaded into this variable.

      But here's my problem: Whatever params I put in the email endpoint output parameters settings an error is sent to my email:

      "No results after invocation. It could be a problem during invocation."

      I've tried to use a binary variable instead of the Document one and the result is slightly different:

      The email doesn't contain an error but there isn't any attachment.

      Here's some parameters I've tried for the output mapping params:


      Thanks in advance for your help.