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    Pass data from workflow process to flex application

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      Hi everyone,

      how can I pass data from a workflow process to a flex application contained in the workspace?

      Below is what i understand from the adobe document. But it works only if I am passing data from one flex application to the same flex application on the next step of a workflow. The problem is how... for e.g. like passing the value of a process variable to a flex application.

      When a user open up a flex application, there is some handshaking that needs to be done between flex application and the workspace. The flex application will call 'SetReady' function from 'lc:FormConnector'. The workspace then trigger a event for 'formInitialData' which the flex application will have to handle. The flex app will have a event listener to handle the event. A initialize data 'DataEvent' is surposed to be passed through the 'fromInitialData' to the flex app, and the flex application can make use of the data to initialize it application.