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    Form submit

      Hello guys,

      I have got a problem with submitting a PDF. When I press the Complette button, a dialog box appears titeled "Security Warning". The message is:
      This document has accessed more than one site and might be trying to share data among different locations. This could be a privacy concern. Are you sure you want to continue? No Yes Details. The details sections tells me that my PDF accessed the site "file://localhost" and "http://someurl". The URL where the PDF is submitted to is "http://someurl:8080/workspace-server/submit".

      The second URL "http://someurl" is caused by a webservice which is use to get data from the server. But I don't know why the PDF accessed file://localhost and i guess that has something got to do with Workspace stuff? This message is really annoying and I want to hide it from the user. Please help!!


      Sebastian Starke