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    In the document view we can digitally firm the document but we can't have the "Approve" and "Deny" b

      We are implementing a small prototype for a prospect.

      In order of simplicity we assign a document to the user for review and signing using Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES.

      When the user tries to digitally sign the document the "approve" and "deny" buttons can't be available. This buttons must be generated dynamically for Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES due to the navigation rules are named "approve" and "deny" and the assignation node to the user have checked the properties for initialize the task with the name of the rules and the user must have select the rule for ending the task.

      In the document view we can digitally sign the document but we can't have the "Approve" and "Deny" buttons; this is not the case when the view is list view or card view, in this views the buttons appears and function correctly but we cant able the ability to sign the document.

      The document is a PDF not PDF Form.
      We utilize the functionality "Inject Form Bridge".

      LC ES Version: 8.0.1 on Windows 2k3 SP1 EN.

      LiveCycle PDF Generator ES 8.0.1
      LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES 8.0.1
      LiveCycle Rights Management ES 8.0.1
      LiveCycle Process Management ES 8.0.1
      LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES 8.0.1

      Any help are welcome!
      Thanks in advance,