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    Search for a process

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      If there are a lot of processes in the WorkSpace, is there a way for end user to search for a process by its name (in order to Start that Process)?

      The WorkSpace help only talks about searching a process in the "Tracking" section. And I can't find a search box in the "Start Process" section.

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          I do not think you can search for a process to start a process, but you can add some process to your favorites section
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            This Search feature was there in LC-6 and LC-7 Form Manager, does anybody know if this feature would be put back in the next versoin of LC-ES (8.2?) ?

            btw, the "Copy" feature [locate an excisting process instance in the Tracking, then be able to initiate a new instance using the data in that old instance] was also left out in ES, will "Copy" be put back in a future release?

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              You can create search templates to search for processes. It can be created form adminui. Services-->LiveCycle Workspace-->Search Templates. You can use help how to create search templates.

              Hope helps
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                We've found searching for processes is a very common requirement among our clients, and have developed an extension to Workspace to allow this.

                It allows end user to search on any process type. Search fields are very simple to define, and you can control who has access to each process type.

                You can see details here:

                You can download a trial here:
                http://www.avoka.com/apps/checkcookie?location=/apps/qpacdownload&qpac=y&qpac_code=Workspa ceEnquiryTool1.7