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    Novice: real simple question

      Did a brand new plain vanilla standalone install. Also installed samples.

      When I login to workspace as either Alex, Kel or Rye I do not see any of the sample forms and processes. What am I missing here?

      The "Start process" Tab" when clicked on shows nothing.

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          Gary Gilchrist
          You should have seen a set of Activities for each of the samples. Something is wrong. Can you check your app server log (jboss turn key it's under install home/jboss/server/all/log). Also check that you have a recent version of Flash installed for your browser.
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            Level 1
            Gary,<br />I am unsure (mostly unlikely) if the following message in server.log is a problem:<br /><br />2008-07-13 00:59:00,734 ERROR [com.adobe.livecycle.remoteevents.client.RemoteEventClient] Client JGroup initialization failed to connect to service JGroup.  Maximum retries exceeded.<br />2008-07-13 00:59:00,734 INFO  [STDOUT] Jul 13, 2008 12:59:00 AM com.adobe.workspace.events.RemoteEventClientLifeCycle$RemoteEventInitThread run<br />SEVERE: null<br />com.adobe.livecycle.remoteevents.client.RemoteEventConnectionFailedException<br />     at com.adobe.livecycle.remoteevents.client.RemoteEventClient$RemoteEventReceiver.<init>(Remo teEventClient.java:213)<br />     at com.adobe.livecycle.remoteevents.client.RemoteEventClient$RemoteEventReceiver.getReceiver (RemoteEventClient.java:159)<br />     at com.adobe.livecycle.remoteevents.client.RemoteEventClient.<init>(RemoteEventClient.java:3 61)<br />     at com.adobe.workspace.events.RemoteEventClientLifeCycle$RemoteEventInitThread.run(RemoteEve ntClientLifeCycle.java:65)<br />     at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)<br /><br />But everything else works fine. It is just the samples that I cannot see in workspace.<br /><br />Can I approach tech support about this? <br /><br />thanks,<br />RA
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              Gary Gilchrist Level 1

              I did have this problem once (it was on a Mac VMWare Fusion using the JBoss Turn Key for Windows)

              I fixed it by using the command line JBoss, using b localhost and turning off my Windows Firewall. I am not saying you need to disable your Firewall, but you could try to see if that changes anything useful for diagnosing.

              If you have access to tech support I think that you should ask indeed as they might have more info

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                Thanks for the help. I reached out to support and they sorted it out.

                I had to go to Admin UI and:

                1. Add a category
                2. Go to Archive Admin and create taskmanager end-points
                3. Then add the users to the right roles

                I cannot figure out why the samples' installation did not take care of this.

                Well all is well. Thanks.
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                  Gary Gilchrist Level 1
                  It's great to hear you got the help you need. But yes, the samples always perform those steps during install. I have not heard of this failing before and I would be interested in the platform (app server, db) that you used or if this was just a simple turn key.
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                    It was simple turnkey on Windows XP (Home though!).

                    Anything I can provide to you in the form of logs, db dumps that can help you figure this out if you want I would be more than happy to. Might help some other poor soul.