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    DataTip Function Display


      I am having a display issue with DataTipfunction in a Line Charts.

      I have a query as such : "Select x,y,z from..." and I plotted these 3 fields as 3 LineSeries in a Line Chart.
      When I hover my mouse over each Line on the Chart, I want to see the each Line's Data Only e.g when I pace my mouth over 1st Line (which plots x), it the DataTip should show only Data for x. And when I place my mouse over 2nd line(which plots y), the DataTip whould show only data for y n so on.

      I know I should have a function as such :
      public function myDataTipFunction(e:HitData):String {


      And then in my LineChart it is thus :
      <mx:LineChart id="mylinechart" showDataTips="true" dataTipFunction="myDataTipFunction" showDataTipTargets="true">

      Can anyone help me with that to include in this function so that the output is like I described above.