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    Duplicate queues in workspace

      Livecycle 8.0.1, JBoss, RH Linux, Oracle 10 database

      We imported a workflow from our dev system to our system test system and pushed some process instances through.

      Unfortunately, the group queue for one of the user steps had not been set up correctly so five processes stalled at that step.

      Using Workbench, I corrected the queue name in the user step to match the group name in the admin UI. I then retried the stalled process instances.

      After the retries, in the workspace, each user in the group could see five duplicate copies of the queue, each with one of the previously stalled process instances in it. Completing the tasks did not cause the duplicate queues to go away.

      Having had a poke around in the Oracle database, I notice that TB_QUEUE has five rows in it with different id's but the same title. All other data in the rows is the same. Can I just delete the four duplicate rows to make the problem go away? If I do that, it seems I'll have to check TB_ASSIGNMENT to make sure the queue ids are not in use. Do I need to do anything else?