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    Build up of items in To Do list

      I have a workflow process that assigns a form to a user - the forms show up in the users To Do list and remain there even after I've pressed the "Complete" button. Since there is no route that follows this step I would have expected the items to be removed from the To Do list - but this doesn't happen - in fact it seems to have resulted in the creation of new instances of the work item in the To Do list - all of them having the same Task Id...
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          Gary Gilchrist Level 1
          For some reason the actual Task in the process is not being completed. If you see the same Task ID then you are probably still looking at the same actual Task because if a new Task was created, it would still get a new ID incrementing in value. What happens when you select the green check mark in the Task card in Workspace (rather than complete from the form view). If this works then perhaps there is something wrong with the submit button on your form. Also, what version of Reader are you using?
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            Level 1
            I find that I get the same result when I select the green check box - the task just never seems to "go away". I'm presuming that since this is the last step in my process that the complete button or green check box should simply "terminate" the task and that you don't need any special step in the workflow to do this?
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              Gary Gilchrist Level 1
              That is odd, I agree. You don't need any extra step. The core issue is that the Task is never being set as complete, so your process still thinks that it is in a running state and does not terminate. Have you configured a Submit Service for your task and maybe that is failing. Can you also look to see if there are is any server side log error activity at the time that you try to complete the task.
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                jeffrowell, Did you resolve your issue?