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    localize new workspace ES lenguage: error compiling swc file


      I'm trying to localize Workspace ES to another language (in detail Italian). But when I launch the command line to compile the SWC file this following error appears:

      Loading configuration file C:\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\Flex SDK 2\frameworks\flex-config.xml
      Error: could not find source for resource bundle data.

      The compile command is:

      compc -locale=it -output=export/it/workspace_rb.swc -source-path ./it "C:/Adobe/Flex Builder 3/Flex SDK 2/frameworks/locale/" -include-esource-bundles alc_wks_client_msg alc_wks_client_trace alc_wks_client_ui SharedResources collections controls core data effects formatters logging messaging rpc skins states styles utils validators --

      Anyone has a similar problem and how do you fix it?