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    Flex Form + lc.Attachments

    The Flex Viking Level 1
      I placing an lc.Attachments component onto a Flex form. This is supposed to be a complete UI for working with attachments associated with a task.

      The lc.Attachments component is actually made up of a Header and a List. The problem I am having is that the List part shows up, as I can see the "There are no items to display". However, I don't see the Header part, which contains all the controls for browsing for files and such.

      When I enable the attachments tab through adminui, it shows up fine. And in actuality, what is displayed on this tab is the same component I am trying to put in my Flex form.

      My guess is that somehow I am not setting the right SessionMap value or some other value required.

      Anyone have any ideas?