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    Compiling src_workspace

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      I am trying to modify workspace, so that when a user clicks logout it asks him to close the browser.

      I have edited build.xml like it is written in customize workspace .pdf file for successful compile of workspace_src.

      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("javascript:window.opener=self; window.close();") ;

      is the code that I add to doLogin() function.

      I tried to compile the workspace_src target in ant script and then recompile using clean, build war, build ear targets.

      I also tried to first clean, the build all.

      I alse added some Alerts randomly in code just to check ... but it looks like editing code in workspace_src folder does not have any effect in functionality of workspace.

      Can you please elaborate? Am I building it wrong?

      Thank you in advance.
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          I succeded in making changes to workspace by modifying build xml<br /><br /><target name="buildWar" depends="compileSrc, updateTemplate, compileTheme"><br /><br />to <br /><br /><target name="buildWar" depends="compileWorkspaceSrc, updateTemplate, compileTheme"><br /><br />But now I can't use custom login page that I made in \src dir. So I tried<br /><br /><target name="buildWar" depends="compileWorkspaceSrc, compileSrc, updateTemplate, compileTheme"><br /><br />And now I don't get the changes I made in src_workspace.
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            Well I did what I needed to do with customizing \src_workspace , but this is a unsupported feature according to customize workspace.pdf .

            Why is this so?