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    Standalone Flex App & Flex App Deployed to Workspace give different results for DirectoryManagerServ

      I'm using remoting to call the findPrincipalsWithFilter method in the DirectoryManagerService endpoint. Everything works fine when the flex app is loaded in a standalone fashion, but I get object graph translation issues when the app is loaded in workspace.

      To further detail what I'm seeing, I get a mix-mash of user and group properties back from the service when called in the stand alone app which include canonicalName, commonName, description, directGroupMemberships, domainCommonName, domainName, email, emailAliases, groupMemberships, groupType, local, locked, mutable, oid, org, principalTyp0e, relAppName, roleMembership, status, system, timestampCreated, timestamptUpdated, and visibility.

      When I perform this same action within workspace the results get jammed into lc.domain::Group and I only have canonicalName, commonName, description, domain, email, emailAliases, oid, organization, and session. I also get the following error: "Property status not found on lc.domain.Group and there is no default value."

      I've created a Principal class with a RemoteClass alias to com.adobe.idp.um.api.infomodel.Principal with no success.

      There must be a way to call findPrincipals and get back the full results as a generic object when loaded within workspace.

      And suggestions are greatly appreciated.