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    Able to access a document marked No Access

      Has anyone else noticed this?
      Background: We started a workflow and attached a document with the No Access privilege on it. When it got to the first operation in the workflow that user was able to get to the contents of the document.
      Observation: The user that opened the task during the time that his weekly virus scan was in operation so the computer was at a state of high utilization. It appears that when the presentation is being drawn on the users workstation the attachment page is loaded and then the access privileges applied.
      Question: Can anyone confirm this is the sequence that occurs? Does anyone know if this was ever reported before?
      Thank you
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          HowardTreisman Level 1
          Hi Stephe
          I very much doubt it's anything to do with the end-users machine.
          Sounds like it might just be a bug
          Does this work sometimes and not others?
          If you give Read access, but not update or delete, do those policies work correctly for the second user.
          Was the second user, by any chance, a super administrator - if so, they might have special privileges that mean that he can access the file even if a "normal" person can't.