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    Slow to Load Prepopulated PDF Form in Workspace

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      We experience that sometimes it takes a long time (abt 10-15 sec) to load a prepopulated PDF form in Workspace. This is not acceptable by our users. They expect that the prepopulated PDF form to be displayed below 5 sec.

      FYI, we use customised Default Render service to prepopulate the data retrieved from multiple remote DB server (Oracle 8i and SQL Server 2005) into the PDF Form. In particular, we retrieved about 1500 rows of employee information (ID and name) from Oracle DB View to be populated into a dropdownlist in PDF Form.

      Please find below the server and client machine spec:
      IBM XSERIES_3650
      Intel Xeon CPU 5160 @3.00 GHz
      2.99 GHz, 4.00 GB of RAM
      Windows Server 2003 SP1 Standard Ed

      512 MB of RAM
      Windows XP Pro SP2
      Adobe Reader 8
      Adobe Flash Player 9
      Internet Explorer 6

      Does anyone can give us advice what to check/investigate to determine the root cause of the problem and how to improve the performance? Thanks.