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    Highlighted field

    (jerome_dinnat) Level 1

      I have a problem with Adobe Reader 8.1 and the Highlighted fields.

      There is a form A designed in designer 8.2 and the form properties are set to be compatible with reader 8.1 or later.
      In this form, there is just a "Textfield".

      "A" is render with the Default Render PDF form service.I open the form in Workspace.
      -->The field works well in Reader 8.1 and 9.

      I add a step at the end of the render to apply Usage rights. I open the form in workspace.
      -->The rights are well apply.
      -->The field doesn't appear anymore in blue with red border even in click the button in workspace (Reader 8.1).
      -->The field works well with reader 9.

      I save the form outside the browser on my desktop. I open the form (Reader 8.1).
      --> The field works well.

      Thanks you for any advice.