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    Questions on Shared and Group To Do lists

      A few questions:

      1) I am in a Group (domain group), that was assigned a task. So I had a To Do list for that group on the left, in my To Do list screen. Well, we aren't going to assign tasks to that group anymore. The To Do list is empty. How do I remove it from the list of To Do lists on the left?

      2) I have a different group queue that had a task in it. Due to a problem with the workflow, I had to terminate the process behind it. But the task is still listed in the Group To Do list. I can't do anything with it. How do I get rid of it?

      3) I shared my To Do list with a different user. That user can see my Shared Queue in their To Do list on the left, as one would expect. However, they never see any of the tasks in my To Do list. I thought they should be able to see what is in my queue. Any idea why they wouldn't?