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    What happened to LiveCycle Form Manager?


      Our company is trying to implement an e-Form solution that could help us managing our e-Form documents. We found Adobe LiveCycle and think it is the best option but we want to figure out something we don´t get yet. We see that in LiveCycle 7.2 there was the LiveCycle Form Manager that was used to publish all forms, in their native formats, to a centralized form repository, leverage user profiles for data prepopulation upon form access.provide access and enable forms search through a Web interface and maintain version and access controls. In the Adobe LiveCycle ES we don´t find that module. Which module can give us the same functionalities that were offered with the Form Manager? Do we need to buy the entire suite?

      In the future we are planning to buy the whole suite, but for now we would like to start only with the basic services the Form Manager used to offer.

      Thanks for any help.
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          Gary Gilchrist
          When you install the Process Management Solution Component you get a new Web Application called "LiveCycle Workspace ES". This is not Form Manager, which is no longer distributed. But it would typically fulfill many of the operations that you are already familiar with using Form Manager; such as Starting a new Work flow activity, Browsing Tasks in a ToDo List and viewing your process history.

          Workspace is a more Agile (Flash based) Web UI. One important difference is that it lists the work flow processes that you may initiate (not just a library of forms). Then the process will determine the actual form in the Repository that will be displayed in the UI.
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            Gary, thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it. It was very helpful in understanding a bit more the software and trying to find out which component we should get.