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    Submit button

      I have made a submit button in livecycle designer 8,0 (trial version) , the button send a pdf-file to a given email, but the problem is that it works for me, but when some else try to use the button, the are told that they are not allowed to do it, what have I done wrong is their some security I have missed?
      I have read somewhere that there is something called adobe extensions license, that I maybe need, have do I get this, or do I need it?
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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          What client are you guys using. Is it possible that you are using Acrobat and the other person is just using Reader?

          In that case you might have to Reader Extend the form using the Reader Extension service to give the Reader users more functionality.

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            It is correct they are only using the reader, have do I "Reader extend" the form?
            What is the Reader Extension service?
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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
              It's a service that comes as part of LiveCycle. If you're trying to send the whole PDF, then yes, you'll need to Reader Extend the form.

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                HowardTreisman Level 1
                Just to clarify what Jasmin says...
                ReaderExtensions is a way of "tagging" a particular form so that it will have extended functionality (such as submitting PDF or calling web services) in Reader. (These features are not normally available in Reader, only Acrobat.)

                You apply Reader Extensions using a module of LiveCycle, as Jasmine says. The important thing to know is that Adobe charge a fee for each form you Reader Extend.

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                  Super, I will try to get the extend then, thanks a lot for the help.
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                    You have a security related issue with the document itself. I had the same issue. The way i got around it was to create the doc in LiveCycle and save it as a pdf doc. Then, I would open the pdf with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0. When in here, select the 'Advanced' menu option, and select the 'Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader'. Select the 'Save Now' button and save the document back with the same name. After i did this, users using Reader were then able to save the document so that it would be bundled with an email. Kind of a pain, but it worked.
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                      Hodmi Level 4
                      Hi Pete;

                      As Jasmin mentioned, you can Reader Extend through LiveCycle as well. You can do that a few different ways.

                      1) through the API you can take the document generated by other LiveCycle applications and set it as an input parameter for the ReaderExtensionsServiceClient.applyUsageRights method

                      2) create a workflow (using Workbench) that uses the Reader Extensions, Apply Usage Rights operation

                      3) call the apply usage rights operation through one of the other endpoints.

                      This will save you from having to open Acrobat, make the change and save the file.
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                        HowardTreisman Level 1
                        Brian and Pete
                        You can Reader Extend through Acrobat, but there are some limitations of doing it this way. The limitations I'm aware of:
                        - You can't enable certain features, such as web service invocation
                        - The license restricts you to a maximum of 500 external users