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    Comments and Notes in Workspace

    aoatak Level 1
      I have a Adobe Static PDF form which I can add comments and notes on the form with Acrobat. I would like to add comments and notes also through Workspace ES and pass the commented document to the next user. Is it possible to pass comment and notes as proces data in Workspace; what type of variable should be used?
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          yes it is possible,for this to work you would need to use the DocumnetForm variable type and to set the submit button to submit "PDF"
          if you need any more help mail mergeandfuse@gmail.com
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            aoatak Level 1
            Hi again,
            I put my static PDF form into DocumentForm variable type, set submit type to PDF and it worked.
            But now I need to add commnents on a Dynamic XML form, which includes a 2 signatures field, in Workspace. I would like to use this dynamic form in an approval process where the users will sign the document with their digital signatures. The users should be able to put sticky commnents on the form if he/she rejects the form and return it to the previous user. At that point the user who is assigned this reject task can change the document, sign and send to appover again.
            So my question is , why dynamic forms cannot be commneted with acrobat? And how can I achieve the above scenario in Workspace with dynamic forms?
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              Commenting is not permitted on a dynamic XFA forms due to the nature of the form type. If you would like to use the commenting functionality you will need to use a Static PDF form.
              For the approval portion of your workflow, does the form still need to be dynamic? If not, you may be able to use a dynamic form for the data capture, and then render a static version w/ data for the comment review portion of the workflow.
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                Gary Gilchrist Level 1

                Also Workspace allows you to add notes and attachments to a Task. One approach might be to allow the person who rejects the form to add a note to the task, and the previous user will see this.

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                  aoatak Level 1
                  The form does need not to be dynamic during the approval task, but the approver should be able to sign ( and then approve) or reject (may also put commnents on the form).
                  We utilize notes and attachments in Workspace but the users also want the commenting cabability as it is on the static forms.
                  Approving the static version may be a solution but how can a dynamic form could be rendered as static? As the form have signature fields, flattening will not be suitable. On the other hand the number of pages that dynamic form have is not known so it may not fit into a static form template. So, do you have any suggestions?
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                    Your notion of a static pdf is probably different than the actual meaning. Static pdf is a PDF document which contains an XFA stream, where the PDF pages are fully rendered. So static pdf's can be interactive forms as well.

                    To generate a static pdf you must go to the properties of the renderPDFForm. Set the actobat version to 7.0.5 or greater and set the Render At Client to false. Your form should be an xdp template.
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                      aoatak Level 1
                      I tried your suggestion and it worked, Thanks.
                      But one thing I would like to know is why should we give xdp template to renderPDFFform? We don't take any errors when I give pdf to the service but the behaviour of the form doesn't become as expected. After rendering, comments can be added but typing text into comments are not allowed. You can find the LCA at share.acrobat.com :

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                        Using renderPDFForm with a PDF as a form does not alter the PDF since no rendering is actually being done. Many of the properties of a PDF are determined at form design time.

                        If you open the pdf in form designer you can click save as and one of the options beside 'Save as type' is 'Adobe Static PDF Form'. This will achieve the same functionality if you don't want to use an xdp.