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    How to add notes on Task

      I tried to add a note to a task, as I have added an attachment, but it doesn't seem to do anything for me. I monitor the server log activities, when adding an attachment to a task, it is doing something, but when adding a note, there is no message logged at all, so I have no idea where has my note gone.

      On process workflow I have configured to user step ACL to be able to add attachments and add notes, hence the UI for adding notes and attachments are shown on Workspace.

      I am using LiveCycle 8.0.1 release on Jboss/MySql turnkey installation.

      Any helps will be appreciated.

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          I think I remember a bug around that. We have released the Service Pack 1b now. Maybe it's been fix in there.

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            HowardTreisman Level 1
            Actually, we found that it works in the shipping Workspace, but doesn't work if you use workspace compiled from the source you provide:-)
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              When using the source code shipped with the SDK, make sure you add the "-services services-config.xml" to your additional compiler arguments in Flex Builder. The services-config.xml file is included in the SDK. If you don't specify this the note will not be added correctly.
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                Thanks WorkspaceUser for your advice. It really solve the 'add notes issue' on customised Workspace.

                I have another question regarding the services-config.xml. I noticed that inside our services-config.xml, the channel-definition endpoint uri is not specified i.e: 'https://{server.name}:{server.port}/workspace-server/messagebroker/amfsecurepolling' and 'http://{server.name}:{server.port}/workspace-server/messagebroker/amfpolling'.

                My question:
                - Do we need to specify the {server.name} and {server.port}?
                - What is the impact if we don't specify them before we compile the Workspace in Flex Builder?

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                  You shouldn't have to do anything special with these tokens. LC DS will automatically assign the correct values at runtime.
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                    Stuart Mail Level 1
                    I have a similar problem - or I think it is.

                    I would like the users to be able to Add a Note when they Forward a Task - e.g. not complete it.

                    Scenario is that a user receives a task that is for someone else and wants to Forward the task to them with a note as to why they are forwarding it to them.

                    If the open the form and add a note then 'submit' it then the task thinks it has moved to the next 'phase'.

                    So is there any way to add a note to a Forwarded task without opening or submitting it ?

                    It seems from the documentation (and the 'task ACL' options) that this should be possible - but I can't see how ?

                    I've tried using Non-Customised WorkSpace and no difference.

                    I'm running LC ES SP2.

                    Thanks - Stuart
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                      Stuart Mail Level 1
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