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    Reader Extensions / Usage Rights

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      I followed the procedure in this paper from Paul Guerette to set Usage Rights to my forms, but at run time, it pops up a message:

      "This document contained certain rights to enable special features in Adobe Reader. The document had been changed since it was created and these rights are no longer valid. Please contact the author for the original version of this document."

      On the top of the window, below the Reader toolbar, it says "you cannot save the data typed into the form". There's no "commenting" icon in the toolbar, no digital signature icon either. Looks as if it's not Reader Extended.

      How do I fix this?

      my ES version is GM, no Service Pack not patches applied.
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          sorry, the "paper" I mentioned was this:

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            pguerett Level 6
            Can you reader extend the form through the intercative interface?

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              The form is an XDP form. Which service should I use after the "Workspace enable form" activity to create a PDF file out of the 'outFormDoc' variable?

              For now, I used the Designer ES to "save as" the XDP to a PDF file; then I ran it through the browser interface of the Reader Extensions. And everything worked fine. I got the commetning, digital signature icons; I could put some yellow stickers in that file when opened it with the Reader. Everything looked fine when extended by the browser interface... although this file is not exactly the same as the one got fed into the ApplyUsageRights service in the Render.

              The error message in the WorkSpace seemed to say that the form has been changed... which was true I guess, because I have some JavaScript behind the Form:Ready event which put some stuff into a field. But why would that break the Rights I applied?
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                Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
                The "Workspace enable form" operation will only work on a PDF. Not on an XDP. You'll need to use Forms/RenderPDFForm to create a PDF from your XDP and then workspace enable it.

                If you want to "workspace enable" an XDP, you need to add the LiveCycle Form Bridge at design time (LiveCycle Designer). Then when you render your XDP into a PDF, you won't need to "Workspace enable" the resulted PDF (since it's there ate design time).

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                  I was talking about the "Workspace enable form" step at the "Samples - Forms / Render PDF Form" Render service.

                  Paul's Render added a "ApplyUsageRights" step after the "Workspace enable form"... as shown in his paper.

                  Paul wanted me to try to Apply Usage Rights using the browser interface. That interface requires a PDF file. Which means, I should convert the Input parameter to the "ApplyUsageRights" step into a PDF file. How do I do that?
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                    pguerett Level 6
                    In my case I was add the Reader Extensions step to a renderer. Once the form is rendered it is PDF and that is what I used as input to the Reader Extensions step. So RE should be the last step in the renderer.
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                      My RE was the last step as well, it was after the "Workspace enable form" step.

                      I have run another test. I removed the RE step, and it's working the same way as before; everything worked on a desktop that has the Acrobat Pro.

                      I then launched the form/process in Workspace on a desktop that only has Reader-8, the form got rendered in the browser, and I saved the PDF (a blank copy, no data).

                      Then I ran this PDF through the RE browser interface, and it was successfully Extended. When I opened the extended PDF, there's a Digital Signature icon, the "message" (which was entered when applying the rights) was behind the "i" button; but there was no commenting icon (unlike some other non-form PDF files, those files got an extra commenting icon). There was no pop-up warning.

                      Some other "form" type of PDFs also didn't get the Commenting icon after extended through the browser interface. I thought we could put some yellow stickers onto forms before? ES/Reader-8 doesn't allow you to do that anymore?

                      I have run another test, this time I removed all the scripts behind the Form:ready event, there's no other script. But it didn't help, I still got the popup warning. So, what could have caused it to think that the form got modified after the ApplyUsageRights ??? Why the Rights don't stick?
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                        pguerett Level 6
                        Is it possible that your RE certificate is no good?
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                          I don't see any evidence that my certificate is no good...

                          it's a production/permanent/purchased version of license we just ESD downloaded from Adobe's licensing website last Friday.

                          its browser interface works fine...

                          I don't see any error about Reader Extensions in the server log...

                          btw, I installed SP2 on my Turnkey version of the ES yesterday. and I tested it agains the Reader in that environment, and I didn't see that popup message! so, perhaps it's a pre-SP2 non-Turnkey server issue?

                          I am going to run a couple more tests.
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                            btw, in the Turnkey SP2 environment, when the form is loaded in the browser/WorkSpace, there's still no Commenting icon on the toolbar.

                            but when I run it against Acrobat Pro, the commenting icon appears.

                            Does this mean you can't put yellow stickers onto your forms in WorkSpace ES? is this an intended feature or a bug?
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                              pguerett Level 6
                              I know that does not work. There is already an incident opened but you should open a bug with support as well.
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                                TS Case # 180064889 created with the priority set to Urgent.
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                                  Assuming that you are using Reader8. Firstly, there is a bug against Reader where the commenting toolbar does not show up unless Digital Signatures right is added to form.

                                  Secondly, also ensure that you are generating a static pdf. In the renderPDFForm operation set the Render At Client to 'No'.

                                  Thirdly, to ensure that the comments are persisted, you must submit the pdf (i.e. use the Document Form variable and config the submit button to submit as pdf).
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                                    Digital Signature right was applied. The signature icon showed up without the commenting icon.

                                    The renderPDFForm operation was in the "Samples - Forms / Render PDF Form", the "Render At Client" option was set to nothing (does it equal to 'No'? or do I need to specifically set it to 'No'?).

                                    The problem was at the Initiator step, have not tried submitting the form yet...
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                                      Set the "Render At Client" option to 'No'. Also what version of Reader are you using?
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                                        I too am having trouble with the sample. I have created a new process as described, however I am using a pdf nor xdp as the source document. I have added the Usage Rights as described, but I get an error when attempting to create the form (ALC-WKS-007-040).

                                        I'm assuming that when I do Advanced Option on the xfaForm the variables settings should all be set to the variables predefined in the sample.

                                        If I set my start point at the Apply Rights and use a literal definition pointing to the pdf I want it all works fine (as expected).

                                        I'm playing with this because I have a process working the way I want with the exception of having the initial pdf display with digital signing and attachment permissions. Trying to find a way to do this.
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                                          To answer Obiwon's post, my Reader is the latest version, just downloaded from Adobe home page this week.

                                          and, thank you VERY much for the tip on the "Render at Client" option! Setting it to 'No' appears to have done the trick!

                                          not only the popup message's gone, the Commenting icon is now on the toolbar as well!
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                                            Can you send me the stack trace in the sever log to obiwon.adobe@gmail.com. Thanks.
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                                              With help from Obiwon, I got the RE working and the process now enables commenting, attachments and digital signatures for my pdf file, however, the RE seem to impact the process during task assignment. The assigned user does not see attachments, digital signatures of paging information after being assigned the document??

                                              I also used to have buttons displayed for the routing otions available, those no longer show either??