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    AIR Workspace


      I am trying to make it working on desktop (AIR).
      Anybody is trying to do the same?
      I would like to discuss about the differents way do make it working.

      1st Point) : for sure I need to change calls to ExternalInterface
      2nd Point) : do I use LoadModule?
      Thanks in advance.
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          I assume you have been working with the source code shipped with the SDK?

          Getting Workspace loaded as an AIR application is relatively easy if you have no need for forms that use PDF/Acrobat technology (e.g. Flex forms). If like most customers you need PDF forms, its a whole lot harder because when we load Acrobat Reader its not actually docked in the Flex application (even though it looks like it is), its actually positioned over top of the Flex application in an iframe. The Workspace flex application communicates with the iframe and Acrobat using Javascript loaded in the HTML wrapper. AIR's native web support is promising, but leveraging it will take a lot of work at this point.

          Good luck!

          Matt MacKenzie
          Engineering Manager, LiveCycle Process Management
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            Can LiveCycle Workspace be run on AIR. Or is there a ported version?

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              Sorry for duplicate question.<br /><br />Is Adobe planning to support AIR workspace out of the box? Browser <br />incompatibilities are a great headache.<br /><br /><Ahmet_ISIK@adobeforums.com> wrote in message <br />news:59b4fc60.1@webcrossing.la2eafNXanI...<br />> Hi,<br />><br />> Can LiveCycle Workspace be run on AIR. Or is there a ported version?<br />><br />> Regards<br />>
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                You shouldn't have any browser incompatibilities - it's all Flex, the browser has almost nothing to do.
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                  Did you end up getting this to work?  It would be great to hear any input you have on moving workspace into an AIR desktop application.