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    Searching in all processes

    kc@dafolo.dk Level 1
      Hi all,

      Is it possible to search for processes that the user have not been involved in. I mean what if the it is necessary for the workspace-user to list all process instances of a given process?

      How can this be done?

      Kim Christensen
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          you will have to write your own query to do it,there is no API right now for that
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            HowardTreisman Level 1
            Hi Kim

            We've found searching for processes is a very common requirement among our clients, and have developed an extension to Workspace to allow this.

            It allows end user to search on any process type. Search fields are very simple to define, and you can control who has access to each process type.

            You can see details here:

            You can download a trial here:
            http://www.avoka.com/apps/checkcookie?location=/apps/qpacdownload&qpac=y&qpac_code=Workspa ceEnquiryTool1.7