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    making Web Service calls from a Form in the WorkSpace

      I am getting conflicting information about this, so I hope someone here could clarify it. TIA.

      This is what I want to do:
      after a form is displayed/launched in the WorkSpace,
      when the user Tabs out of a field (Exit event) on the form,
      I want to make a Web Service call from the form,
      get the result from the WebService,
      and use the Result to populate another field on the form.

      I know for certain that this works if I Reader-Extend the form,
      and I set the JavaScript at the Exit event (to execute WebService call)
      as "Run At Client".

      The question is:
      can I make the WebService calls without Reader-Extending the form???

      I have been told that, yes you can,
      but *only if* you let the JavaScript "Run At Server".
      I tried that, but it caused the Reader to crash.

      Some other people told me,
      no you can not,
      even if you "Run At Server", the form still needs to be Reader-Extended,
      when using it in the WorkSpace environment.

      So, what is the truth? can someon tell me?
      Can I make WebServers calls from the Server-side at all?
      Do I really need to Reader-Extend the form even if calling it from server side?
      What exactly is it SUPPOSED to work?