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    Problem with PDF generation after OS upgrade

    Badri Lakshminarasimhan

      Our Adobe Livecycle installation has been running on Windows 2003 for a long time. The custom web application we had developed for using the Account Enrollment Solution Accelerator for stitching interactive PDFs dynamically using DXFA was running on Windows 2000. Last week this box was upgraded to Windows 2003. Then on we are having this strange problem

      Once the letter is generated, we used to have it rendered inside Adobe Reader embedded inside web browser (IE 6.0). But, after the upgrade, now the generated letter is popping up in a separate Reader window, instead of embedding inside the web browser. We confirmed that this is purely because of the OS upgrade on the box that houses our custom application.

      We are not able to determine if the problem is with Livecycle or Solution accelerator or Adobe Reader that behaves differently becuase of the OS upgrade.

      Has anybody faced this kind of situation before?