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    Missing DDC files

    parth pandya Level 2
      Hi Guys,
      I downloaded the solution accelerator (enrollment) yesterday (again!) and i'm not finding the DDC related files that the index.htm talks about in the docs.

      As of now I could just submit a pdf form and got that approved through approval workflow (from enrollment accelerator). As per my understanding there is much more than just this in this accelerator. Is it true?

      Please advise.

      Thanks a lot,
      Parth Pandya
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          StefCameron Level 1
          Parth Pandya,

          A new version of the Account Enrollement Solution Accelerator kit should be posted for download very soon (within the next couple of days) and should include the missing files.

          As for your other question, I'll have to leave that up to someone with more knowledge of this particular Solution Accelerator.

          Adobe Systems
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            Suvrat Adobe Employee
            The refresh of Solution Accelerator kit is posted for download. It contains DDC kit too.
            Yes, this refresh of SA contains following:

            1. DDC
            2. Approval Workflow
            3. SAIS - SA Integration service, using which you can execute any spring bean from inside an LC workflow.
            4. DDG - You can now invoke DDG from inside an LC workflow.
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              Steve L Walker Level 5
              Survat,<br /><br />The DDC doc on building a prototype states, "Copy the DDC_Client SWC, <DDC project development kit path>/DDC_Client/bin/DDC_Client.swc into your new project's Flex Builder libs folder."<br /><br />I downloaded enrollment_gov_20080820.zip and it is no where to be found.  Is it missing from the build?<br /><br />Steve
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                Suvrat Adobe Employee
                You need to build DDC_Client to obtain DDC_Client.swc. Once you have done that you can copy the .swc to the location the doc mentions.