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    Installing Impressario into Director 11

    CJ KY
      Okay - I've downloaded and installed INM Impressario into Director 11 (it's in the Xtras folder) but when I run Director 11 Impressario is not there. It does not come up under Insert or Xtras. I've restarted the program and Computer and I've reinstalled it. It's still not there. What should I try now. I'm trying to get this to work because I'm in the middle of creating an interactive CD that needs to use PDFs and I'm on a tight deadline. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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          CJ KY Level 1
          I heard from someone that Version 4 was just released yesterday and that's the version I should use with Director 11. That was the problem - I was trying to work with Impressario version 3. I've downloaded the latest version (4) and things are listed like they should be now.

          CJ KY