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    Duplex Printing

      How can I print on both sides of the page? I have duplex printing enabled, but I'm unsure how to continue.

      Also, if duplexing is not available with the driver/presentment target I have defaulted to, but the printer I am using supports duplexing, is there a way to force duplexing somehow? I know this sounds strange, but the company that sold us the package say's we need to use a specific drive, hp LaserJet 4(PCL5), with there application or bad things will happen.
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          It sounds like you have met the first requirement: the printer must support it.

          The second requirement is that the driver used must support it.

          Third, you must set up your form for duplex printing. (Format menu, Template Design selection, Template Properties tab, and then select one of the duplex choices - probably "Bind at left".

          You don't meet the second requirement because the driver you are using does not support duplexing. You will have to use a different driver or do one of the following.

          Some printers can be set up to default to duplexing. That might not work if the print driver being used issues a specific command for single sided printing. I wouldn't think that one that doesn't support duplexing would do that but ... who knows.

          I don't know what application you are using that would require a specific driver. The Output Designer software is intended for use with the Central Output Server software. It does not have any limitation like that. If you are using that software then it uses a "Print Agent" to build the print files. It has a command (^duplex on) that can be embedded at the beginning of the data stream. It also has an option (-aduon) that is used on the command line for turning on duplexing.

          If the application you purchased is not for producing print (say it is using the software & server to do faxing) or is for some special purpose printing (say doing labels) then I can see that there might be some built-in limitations. If that is the case and you are now wanting to use the Output Designer and server to do some "normal" printing, then you probably aren't limited in your driver choice for that purpose. If your special application did not require you to learn about the "Central Pro" software you will need to do so because you will need to set up your own tasks and jobs for doing the printing.

          If there is nothing special about your application, then it shouldn't hurt to build a form for testing to see what happens if you use a different driver.
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            Thanks Tom. What about turning duplexing on in the .ics file? And what are the .icf files? Would I need to edit them and if so, how? I can't open them in notepad.

            Also, if I have a disclaimer subform and I want it to print on the back of every page, how would I go about that?
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              Modifying the .ics file to allow for duplexing might be a little more complicated than just setting the Duplex parameter to 1 or 2. This is because the commands embedded in the .ics file, like the Reset command, may not have anything for setting duplex. I don't know the PCL language so I can't say for sure. If it does then it might be as simple as setting the Duplex parameter. If you are going to try this, download a PCL "interpreter" and use it on the print files that are created. That would let you see if the duplex command was included in the file or not. Of course, if it duplexed the print you would know it without the software.

              The .ics file is the eye-readable version of the .icf file. You can change the .ics file all day and if the .icf file doesn't get recreated none of your changes would be incorporated. To rebuild the .icf, just select the driver and then click on the Font Setup button. You don't have to change anything; clicking on OK will rebuild the .icf file. When you compile a form it is the .icf file that is attached to it.

              There may be other ways to add your disclaimer to the back side of the forms, such as building the data stream appropriately, but the simplest would be to design your forms so that they included the disclaimer on the even numbered page. You would design the disclaimer and then save it in the library. Then you would get it from the library to put on the page. Once it is in the library and added to the forms this way (instead of cut & paste, for example) any changes to it will be applied to all of the forms that reference it just by recompiling the forms (you don't have to delete and reapply it to each one unlike another of Adobe's form products that I use).
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                When you say "Library" do you mean the "Template Object Library". If so, great. I have added the Disclaimer to the library. Now, you mention adding it to the form. Should I create a new page and add it there? Would I then have to edit the preamble? Is there a reference for the preamble logic somewhere?
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                  Yes, it is the Template Object Library.

                  Yes, you need to create page 2 and drag it onto there.

                  No preamble work necessary for this. It doesn't even have to be a "sub-form". I've never worked with sub-forms and have done very little testing with the preamble. I do know that it provides information and commands to the print agent so that would be the manual I'd look in for information.
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                    I have added it to page two, but page two doesn't print unless there is enough invoiced items to warrant a page two. Any suggestions? I am checking in the print agent manual now. There is much info there.
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                      Our forms are simpler than yours (no subforms). It is not unusual for us to have a page that has no fields on it and it prints just fine.

                      We do use the -aapon option with the print agent. That might help in your case. BUT, if your form is "dynamic" (and it sounds like it might be), the manual warns to not use this option.
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                        I am having the same issue. We have a form that we have to keep seven years, and if it could take up half the space it would be great. I designed the form in Adobe Designer, and on the user level, they use Reader 7.0. How can I force the document to duplex with designer? I don't have the format menu that was mentioned previously. Thanks!
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                          IIRC, and I think I am since you mention the user using Reader,
                          b Adobe Designer
                          was the name for the "filler" software that was at one time named Form Designer (version 5) and then morphed into Adobe Designer (version 6, I think) and eventually became Livecycle Designer with version 7.

                          b Adobe Output Designer
                          (this forum) is a totally different product used mostly for merging data onto forms that are printed but can fax and create non-fillable PDF files. There is no user "filler" capability with this software.

                          I suggest you present your question to the appropriate Livecycle forum (probably Adobe Designer 6).