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    Canvas won't scroll content, but scrollbar appears?

      Hello, i've tried porting this at actionscript.org with no luck.
      I have a class that extends canvas and i populate the object like so:

      for each (var group:XML in dataProvider.group) {
      card = new CardComponent();
      .x = this.x + (offset_x * i);
      card .y = this.y + (offset_y * i);
      .z = z_depth;
      this.addChild(card );

      the scrollbar will appear when the cards total width exceeds the boundaries, but the scrollbar doesn't scroll the content (the cards) when dragged back and forth. Although the scrollbar does appear to adjust it's size correctly proportionate to the content. Is there additional code i need to add for the scroll functionality to move the content? Thank you in advance -b