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    X7 WinHelp files crashing on compile

    1newtonya Level 1
      One of our locations is encountering this problem: We are facing a daunting task in the last couple of months to work with RoboHelp in publishing our WinHelp4 files for our products. The project crashes when compiling the help files resulting in losing all the changes which we have done for the current sprint and previous ones. I tried researching this issue in the Adobe website and did not find any workarounds. The new tool RoboHelp X7 is crashing with errors not only on my machine but also on other machines. As a result, I had to go back to my old version of RH X5. I generated the compiled help file successfully after cleaning my machine of the window and office updates. I had to re-install the Windows XP operating system twice on my machine to get rid of the new window and office updates. However, this only gave me a small reprieve to compile the help file for a brief time. But once again the same problem has re-appeared and I am totally at my wits end how to resolve this issue with our stated releases in the month of December 2008. Following is the compile error which leads to the project crashing.

      "Microsoft Help Workshop has encountered an error and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. if you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost. Please tell Microsoft about this problem..." I'm sure the error report was not sent to Microsoft. Has anyone encountered this issue, and if so, can you provide any assistance? Thanks very much.