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    Field alignment gets locked to top-left for last field on subform

      Periodically I experience a problem with the last field on a subform. Whatever field alignment I set using Output Designer, when central pro processes the data the and aligns the data topleft. This is a particular problem when outputing financial data which I need to right align because the number of digits before the decimal point is variable. I usually work around this by adding dummy fields at the end of the subform, but this does not always fix it.

      Any ideas as to what causes this? (so that I can avoid it)
      Or any software fixes for it?

      Are there any tools for examining the content of the .ifd or .mdf files, as this may through light on the cause.

      Adobe Central Pro Output Server version = 5.5 (also affects 5.4)
      Presentment target = PDF
      Windows version = 2000 professional

      Many thanks in advance, Stephen