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    Files skipped when Server working on long job.

      Using Accelio Jetform from 2001, unsure of version, to pdf xml files exported from Oracle Financials in a unix environment.

      Currently have files going into the collector directory at the rate OF produces them one after another (@ every 30 seconds). Jetform appears to be skipping about 2-5% of the files without leaving an error record in the error directory. This seems to happen with greater frequency/duration during/after a particularly large document (ex. 40 pages) is being transformed, however it also happens at random times throughout processing. Any suggestion as to what is happening and how to solve it?
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          Are you positive that OF is creating unique file names and isn't overwriting an existing file?

          I suggest you set the logging level (verbosity) of all the agents that are running to
          b -10
          to get the most in the log file in an effort to see if Central or an agent might give you a hint. Of course, this will mean the file will fill quite rapidly and you could loose the pertinent entries if the occasion of lost jobs isn't frequent.