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    Special charactor terminates printing

      We have had a couple issues with a user putting a "`" character in a data base field. When the print agent gets to that character it terminates that print job. No output is generated. Is there a substitution command or a unrecognizable character command I could use to get around this issue ?

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          The New Field Identifier is the character, in addition to the ^field and \field commands, that tells Print Agent to end the current field and advance to the next field on the template. The default is a ` (back quotation mark).

          You can change the special character in the jfmerge.ini (FieldChar=`) for the Central Print Agent but then you would also have to change it for every form too. This means changing the default in Output Designer at the Tools Menu/Options/Advance tab and then recompiling every form.

          You could also try instructing the user in the use of single quote (')instead of back quote. Which ever is easier ...
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            If you aren't purposely using the "back quotation mark" then I would think that it would not be necessary to recompile all of the forms (that would be a major task for us since we have several hundred forms).

            The quickest & easiest method (assuming you aren't purposely using this feature) would be to do what Joe indicated. But, as he indicated, that makes it a universal change. It can also be done at the individual job level using the
            b -anl
            command line option. You could set up a "jfmerge" task that includes this or, if the existing task includes the
            b @otherjobtokens
            parameter, you can have the -anl command on the ^job line. Another method would be to include the
            b ^newfield
            "command" in the data file itself. According to the manual this last method might not be what you would want to do because it has the same effect as having the back quotation mark in the data (it ends the current field and advances to the next).
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              Thanks for the help guys !!