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    Fail to create PDF from 2 templates with different page sizes

      Hi,<br /><br />I am having problems to create a PDF with multiple page sizes and using 2 templates.<br /><br />I have to create a PDF using two dynamic templates. The second template has multiple pages, some A4 some A3, which I select through subforms (A3 specific subforms are on an A3 page).<br /><br />So:<br />^job <mdf1> -zOut.pdf<br /><fields><br />^form <mdf2>.mdf<br />^page 2<br />^group G_heading_A3<br /><fields><br /><br />The templates on their own are ok, but when I combine them the second is always A4, even if a) the subforms are on A3 (heading_A3) and if b) the page is A3 (page 2).<br /><br />I couldn't find anything on the web nor in the documentation. Does anyone have a clue?<br /><br />Thanks, Edward