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    Migrate from old to new Server - Please Help


      I have two old servers (Win 2000 + Output Server 5.5). The first one is for tests and the second works live.
      I must migrate both servers to one or two new servers (Win 2003 + Output Server 5.6).
      - I need to have the same folder structure, what is the simplest way to migrate both servers ? > Tool ??
      Thank you for you help.
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          I am in the same boat... I am currenlty doing a migration from Jetforms 5.4 to version 5.6. From what the consultants have told me... jetforms does not support inline upgrades, you have to remove the old install (backing up any custom files) and then do a full reinstall.

          To make this easier you can use the window print migration wizard to copy all the printers and drivers to the new machines.

          After installing each instance of Jetforms you can then copy your custom ini files / JMD back... just remember to check the files to ensure that all reference to the old server names are replaced by the new server name. And make sure that you install each instance in the same order that you did on the orinigal machines...

          Perhaps you should contact your reseller, or the group that you have a maintanance aggreement with... they should be able to help you with the upgrade install.