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    Returning a PDF to the browser

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      We have an ASP the extract data in teh form of XML pass it to AOS (Adobe Output Server) which then render it into a PDF document. What we are looking is basically to return that PDF document to the user browser after the ASP execution.

      Any idea how to do that???

      Many thanx


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          You have a several of choices (in decreasing preference):
          1) Purchase Adobe Web Output Pak... it was designed to do exactly this and comes with ASP examples.
          2) Call JfMerge.exe (the Central Print Agent) directly from the ASP. It will create a PDF file that the ASP will have to copy back to the user.
          3) Have the ASP drop the file in Central's collector directory and then wait for the PDF file to show up (no guaranties when it will show up).

          Central was primarily intended for batch processing applications and you're describing an on-line scenario. That's why Web Output Pak is better suited for you.

          Rob McDougall
          Indigo Pacific Ltd.