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    Output order

      We are using 5.5 of Output Server. The problem we are having is that the order of the files in the process queue is not the order they are processed so the printed output is out of order. Does any one know how it decides what order to process the jobs?

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          I don't know the exact order because it isn't important to us but it is basically FIFO. The thing that throws a wrench in the concept (if it isn't exactly FIFO) is that Central periodically checks the queue and whatever is in there at that time is processed. Once processing of those is completed it checks the queue again and will process whatever is there at that time. There is also a "control" folder that it checks after each job and if there is something there it will halt processing of the files it was working on and process any in the "control" folder and then it checks the regular queue.

          I don't understand why the order the files are processed would be important. It sounds like you are processing a single form per file and it therefore takes multiple files to complete a "job". What we do is build each file so it contains all the data for all the forms and then reference all the forms for the "job" within the single file.