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    Create MS Office Word document

      I want to create a MS Office Word document. Can someone tell me how to that?
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          Hi Clyde

          You can't generate a word document from Central Server. You would have to generate plain text or HTML both of which are handled natively by Word and open it in MS Word (you could save out the HTML generated code with a .doc extention so that it opens by default in word)

          Formatting with HTML in Central Server is not as good as with PS, PCL or PDF output.

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            Hi Frank,
            How are you?

            Thanks for your help.
            Now we want to print some form on a local printer, how do i configer that in the JMD and default?
            regards Clyde
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              You really should start a new Topic for your new question.

              What do you mean by "local" printer? One attached to the server running Central? In my experience that isn't usually done because most of today's printers can be connected directly to the network and addressed via IP #. Actually, it doesn't make any difference what you mean.

              Once the printer is defined in the JMD you can use the
              b -zPrinterName
              parameter to specify the printer. If you do it on the ^job line and use the
              b @OtherJobTokens.
              parameter in the task definition you only need a single "jfmerge" task to be able to send print to any defined printer. If you put it directly on the task definition that task would always send print to the defined printer and you would need multiple "jfmerge" tasks for multiple printers.

              If the form is designed with multiple presentation targets you should also include the
              b -aspDriverName
              parameter on the ^job statement (for a single task handling multiple printers) or within the "jfmerge" task definition, or - better yet - in the printer definition.
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                Hi as Tom mentioned the question is a bit vague.

                With the new version of Output Server you are able to print to the local printer that is defined to the Server running Central. What you can not do is to print locally to the printer of the person requesting the job without some means of informing Adobe on what printer it is and where it is.

                Like Tom mention this is done by the -z option and the -asp option.

                There are many different senario's that you could go through.

                By using this method, you must ensure that your Design has been compiled with all the presentment targets that you are using, and the more you have the larger the MDF file will get