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    JFTRANS: [214]Page Table missing

      I created a tdf in VTE.
      -Taken the sample overlay file as input
      -Specified the input/output properties
      -Imported the field list (.mdf) file
      -Extracted the data values and mapped them to the fields.
      -Saved the .tdf file

      However in Central im getting the error "JFTRANS: [214]Page Table missing"
      (Here JFTRANS is the task having the progam name as jftrans)
      Any idea what is the problem?

      (Inline with the previous post: an overlay file is taken as input..Transformation agent is used to obtain a temporary dat file as output. This output file is given as input to JFMerge)
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          Check in your TDF for a Page Table section such as:

          ==== Page Table :
          ==== P [search string] [start column] [end column] [offset]
          P "Date" 47 50 0

          Page Table is used when you define a string (e.g. "Date") within an input file as the Page Break.

          If you have defined a Page Boundary as Custom you must define the string to use within the Page Table.