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    Help with Central Pro Output Server documentation

      Hi, I'm planning to install the nfr software in my office, but I can't find any documentation for the installation of this server. I've searched on the Partner toolkit page but I can't find something that could help me.
      If someone could send me the files or a web page where I could download them or a clue to help me with this issue It will be great!

      Thanks a lot!

      Giovanna Amador
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          "nfr software"?

          The Central Pro documentation is on the installation CD as Adobe PDF files in the "documentation" folder for the particular operating system you will be using (Win for Windows).
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            The "Not For Resale" software generally is delivered as a self-extracting executable. Unzip the executable. and click on it to start the execution of the installation. The wizard will walk you through the installation. You will need a Product Authorization Code (PAC) to install the software. The default installation is at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\.

            If you are installing on a Windows 20003 Server you must change the compatibility mode of the self-extracting executable. Refer to c4071.pdf on the LiveCycle Products Knowledge Center (http://www.adobe.com/support/products/enterprise/) for instructions.
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              The Installation of Output Server is very straight forward.

              What Joe Mayne mentioned about installing on Windows 2003 is correct for version 5.5, but Adobe has now fixed the installation on Windows 2003 Server.

              Basically the installation is a click next button. The only configuration is in the Adobe Control.

              Again as mentioned there is documentation on this in the Documentation directory which is located in Program files\adobe\central\ directory.