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    Output Server 5.5 and hp laserjet 1020 and p2015 printers

      I've just purchased a few new printers for my company (Laserjet 1020 and P2015) and the software i use (CommerceCenter) uses Output Server 5.5. Since I've had these printers I've had the 1020's not print at all and the P2015 printing large print on the pages. Now if i do a print preview and it generates a pdf file i can print with no problems. Now the problem is that most of the times i can print in CommerceCenter there is no print preview button for it to generate a pdf file. Anybody who might have some ideas on what might be going on would be helpful.

      Also CommerceCenter support will not assist me without me paying them because they say there are printers that work and if it was all the printers it would be there problem.

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          I don't know what the 1020 & p2015 printers are but version 5.6 of the Output Designer (the form design software that comes with Output Server) does not have "presentment targets" (essentially, print drivers) for them. What you need to do is select a printer type that does successfully print on those printers. The PDF prints because it is using a Windows driver.

          For all I know, CommerceCenter may throw a wrench into the works; but since I use Output Designer I've been successful for several different printers in taking an existing printer "configuration" file and modifying it for a different printer. As long as the one used to start with prints successfully for everything except paper tray selection then all that needs changing is the configuration lines regarding tray selection.

          For more information regarding customizing Output Designer printer configuration files see the "Adding to Presentment Targets (2 messages; 12/22/05)" discussion in the Output Designer forum. Hopefully the following link will take you there.