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    Parsing Text file to identify a page break

      The requiremnt is to generate a PDF output file of a input text file

      The input text file spans across two pages. A '1' in the first column of the text file signifies a page break.

      How can i parse this text file to identify the page break and print the latter half on a second page??

      FNF used:
      ^comment *************** Warning Letter Begins here ********************
      ^job ROStmRegular ARNRO200507_1
      ^form :\Dev\Applications\AdobeCentral\TemplatesDev\Warning_Letter.MDF
      ^symbolset UTF8
      ^group WarningLetters_Section
      ^field WarningLetter
      ^file :\Dev\Applications\AdobeCentral\TemplatesDev\WarnLetters\WRN_Template.txt
      ^comment *************** Warning Letter Ends here ********************