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    Always curier font on HP Laserjet 2550 PCL6

      Hi Everybody,
      I have a problem with HP LaserJet 2550 PCL6 printers, which are always printing text in Curier, even if my designed document always uses "ARIAL (W1)" font.

      The graphic layout (boxes) is correct, but the text is not printed with the proper font.

      I'm using the standard "hplj4" presentment target driver, which works with any other HP printer.
      I tried a generic PCL6 driver, with no results.

      Any ideas?

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          FYI - This is probably either a printer problem or an Output Designer problem, not an Output Server problem.

          Do you know that the Arial font is actually available on that particular printer? If not, I wouldn't be surprised that it is defaulting to Courier. If that is the case then you might try creating a "soft font" and embedding it within the template.

          What version of the software are you using? I was going to double check that the HP Laserjet 4 .ICS file contained an "Include Arial.l4" and/or "Include Arialce.l4" line at the end of the file but the HP LJ 4 .ICS file is not included with version 5.6 of the software.

          I don't think you could use the font if it wasn't there but it wouldn't hurt to check. If you use multiple presentment targets and the LJ4 is not the default then you could use the font but perhaps have this situation occur. The name of the file is within parenthesis at the end of the line when you select a presentment target. Add ".ics" to this and you have the file name. It is located in the "config" folder within the folder where the Output Designer software is installed. It is a text file so you can look at it using Notepad.

          (The above assumes you are on a Windows system.)
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            Thanx for your detailed answer, Tom.
            I'm developing on a 5.5 designer (windows), but I deploy onto a 5.6.

            In both cases I have the Arial and ArialCE fonts included in the .ics files.

            At first, going into the printer windows driver's properties, I saw that only Curier was available as substitution font. I think that local people did something and now I saw a long list of fonts there, so I assume they are available for the printer. Anyway I'm gonna testing the same printer with another HP driver for another printer model, known to work.

            More in the template I embedded all arial font, by creating a new cartridge containing all Arial fonts available.
            I'm using hplj4 and PDF presentement targets, with hplj4 being the default one.
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              It sounds like your "presentment target" setup is very similar to ours (a printer as the default and PDF as a secondary). Doing the form on version 5.5 and sending it to version 5.6 should not be affecting the output. At least it doesn't for me with the opposite set up (develop on 5.6 and deploy to 5.5).

              If you are referring to the list of fonts that are selected when you click on "Font Setup" within the Presentment Target dialog then that does not necessarily mean they are available on the actual printer you are sending the print to. That list effectively determines what "include" statements are in the .ICS file.

              If you are referring to what you can see when actually openning up the properties for an actual Windows printer then I would think that they are available on the printer as long as the proper driver was installed. In this case, do the settings indicate "Don't Substitute"? Actually, it doesn't matter what the settings are within the driver because the print agent doesn't use the Windows driver.

              Can you print to that printer using Arial from other software (such as Word)?

              FYI - I've had problems that were associated with which fonts I've selected as being available when using "Font Setup". The default list was resulting in a huge MDF file so I decided to trim it down to just the fonts we actually used. I don't remember exactly what happened but that resulted in problems. I started adding fonts back to the list until the problem went away. For some reason I needed to have one of the Wingding type of fonts available even though we did not use it. At one time we were using two different printers and to get correct output I had to specify a particular one as the default even though it wasn't our primary printer.
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                You're right Tom, I was referring about the printer's driver fonts, not the one in the JetForm selected cartridges. The printer driver was set with NO fonts substitutions.

                I had two problems, actually. Since it's a document in Slovenian language, I couldn't print on HP LaserJet 2550 printer in other font but curier. An all other printers, I was able to print correctly all the document, but the Slovenian chars.

                I solved the problem related to chars adding a Softfont cartridge with all Arial fonts, including Arial (CE) (Central Europe languages). This solved the problem.

                About the printer, I found a solution today: I used another presentment target, hp4000m, which is designed for PostScript instead of PCL.
                This solved the issue. Don't ask me why, maybe the original HP driver doesn't fully support PCL, but this was the only chance I found.

                Thus, using hp4000m and the softfont with Arial (CE) I've been able to print on those printers all the document, including the foreign chars.

                Thanx a lot for your confirmations!!
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                  I'm glad you found a solution. I'm not surprised that a presentment target for a different printer actually works. I've used the same PCL presentment target for three different brands of printers (Xerox, Lexmark & HP). All I've had to do was to customize the input tray area of the .ICS file.

                  Just for clarification - Central does not use vendor drivers (I'm refering to your statement regarding the "original HP driver"). I may be nit picking here but I've had to clarify this to people I work with. If you had used "target" instead of "driver" then I would have known you are fully aware of this.

                  As long as the presentment target isn't set to "Windows default printer" but instead is set to "print agent presentment targets" (version 5.6 terminology) then the "driver" is provided by the Adobe software. As confirmation - we set up our print queues on the server using the "generic/text only" driver (which is severely limited) but our forms print just fine. Central just uses the queue as the method to get to the printer, providing all of the necessary printer commands within the file that it produces.
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                    Yes, I understand what you mean. Actually we configured the INPUT queue as Generic Text Only, but this is where the spool files produced by the legacy system comes from. They are text files, ready to be parsed by the Transformations.

                    Then Output Central prints through a Windows printer driver, but bypassing it. That is, as you correctly explained,just getting the connection to the printer, without using the Windows driver builtin functionalities.

                    What I meant is that maybe the printer doesn't support PCL correctly (strange), so the Ouput Central PCL presentment target (we can define it as a Central's driver) didn't work.

                    I don't have so clear how the Windows driver is involved in the process, as I didn't develop Output Central, so if a presentment target doesn't work, I don't know if it's due to the presentment target itself, or the Windows driver (does it filter anything?) or the phisical printer. And I start testing...

                    Anyway, I appreciatd very much your clear explanation, you're one of the most active and trusty member of this forum, so thanx for you help (even for other threads) ;)

                    I hope to find you again in case of needs in the future ;)

                    Best regards,
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                      Can anyone help me get rid of the white border when I print with my HP 2550l. Have been trying to solve this problem for almost a year now! The answer is probaly real simple but so am I anyhow.

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                        I'm not familiar with the 2550 and am not completely sure I understand your problem. Are you wanting to get "edge to edge" printing, with text or image right up against the physical sides of the paper? That is rarely possible since almost all of the printers I've worked with over the years have a mandatory "margin" around the paper that they will refuse to print. By default, Output Designer enforces this margin. You can edit the control file for the printer to change this printing area but that would be useless if the printer itself enforces it.
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                          I had that problem about margins for a label we had to produce.

                          It's true that every printer enforces the margin's white space, so you can do nothing to avoid it, as far as I know.

                          In our case we had to buy an expensive Zebra label printer, which can print with no margins, but it's a very special equipment that it's worthy to buy if you really need it.
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                            The main reason is that before you buy the printer you must be sure that you have warranty for it,At least for 2 years.
                            HP Q5942a
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                              I use HP Laserjet 6l gold, Not find the same problem.

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                                I'll check it out. thank!
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