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    Log to DataBase


      Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this sort of question.

      Currently we are using Jetforms 5.6. As jobs are processed we generate a Logfile that contains all the details about the job:

      20070122}00:02:32}c:\jetform\central\arcjetsvr\pdf_arc\jfe6845b36b6f2cea.pdf}detail}detail }...}Detail}

      Then a second process runs nightly and archives this into a sql database. This is used to provide index information for a document managment system linking to PDF copies of the Jetforms docs.

      Is it possible to have a Jetforms task log directly to the database?
      Are there any customers out there doing this already?
      is there a better product that will allow us to achive these results?


      Michael Lewis
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          A custom agent can do anything you write it to do. The vendor agents are more limited. This could include reading the log file to extract the PDF file name and writing it to the SQL database. Our "archive" process stores the original DAT file in a SQL database and then uses it to create PDFs as the archive.
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            Thanks for the reply.

            I have to learn how to write custom agents.

            Currenlty we have a HDLogger custom agent that writes all the Job information, this includes the path to the PDF file, index details like Creditor / Invoice Numbers, document type.

            We then run a external scripted process that archives the Log information and the PDF to a database. I just thought it would be nice to have the log and the pdf files archive to the db by a custom agent... that way as soon as the job is printed / processed users can also find it in the db.

            My only concern is the number of connections that will be opened to the DB at any one time...